January 22nd - 24th

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1st Place

  • $10,000 in bitcoins
  • 1x Trezor
  • 1x Ledger Unplugged
  • 1x Ledger Nano (per team member)
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2nd Place

  • $3000 in bitcoins
  • 1x Ledger Unplugged
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3rd Place

  • $1500 in bitcoins
  • 1x Ledger Unplugged
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4th Place

  • $750 in bitcoins
  • 1x Ledger Unplugged
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5th Place

  • $500 in bitcoins
  • 1x Ledger Unplugged
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Bonus Multiplier

Participants that win using the Ledger API will receive a Ledger HW1 Wallet.


Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has changed the way we transfer value. Its created the Worlds first decentralized immutable ledger called the Blockchain. Bitcoin’s core code is open source and available to anyone to analyze and audit. The technology of Bitcoin is revolutionary because it allows anyone to parties to exchange value without needing to trust a third party.

By removing trusted third parties, we can conduct transactions without the need to trust one another thereby making transactions of any digital property or value extremely efficient and secure. The Bitcoin network is agnostic and doesn’t care about user’s creed, place of birth, race or status - anyone can use Bitcoin. This provides exceptional potential and opportunities for many revolutionary applications which benefit from Bitcoins immutable ledger.

The Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow very fast due to its disruptive potential and it’s open protocol. Hundreds of start-ups are building out infrastructure and applications in this space and hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested into ideas and projects surrounding Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Why Miami?

Miami’s developer community has grown significantly in recent years and many opportunities have opened up as investors and companies have made Miami their home. Miami’s developer community is a melting pot of a wide range of ethnicities and the technical talent.

We want to raise developer awareness about Bitcoin in the local Miami community and spread interest in the development of ideas and applications using the Bitcoin Blockchain. We hope as ideas turn into projects or useful applications that it will also attract Bitcoin oriented investors into Miami.

Last year’s Hackathon was a success with over 75 participants who built applications dealing with smart contracts, decentralized marketplaces and micro transactions. For 2016, we expect an even bigger turnout and more interesting projects from participants.

Who is Blockchain Beach?

Blockchain Beach is a group of educators, entrepreneurs, colleagues and enthusiasts who all share a common passion for blockchain technology and decentralized cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to empower the South Florida community through education of Blockchain based technologies. Our primary focus is to provide a consistent delivery of informative content in an effort to motivate and cultivate the entrepreneurial community in South Florida.


Chris derose b5afc4ae2e717d4c27b52da7b2905e72f94fd9b32775c7f3fef2edffec03e304

Chris DeRose

Community Director of Counterparty Foundation

Chris DeRose is an active Bitcoin evangelist, rubyist, and sometimes pythonista. Chris writes for Bitcoin Magazine, contributes to Let's talk Bitcoin, and loves to talk Smart Contracts and user assets. Chris is the “Community Director” of the Counterparty Foundation, and has two amazing cats that have both been trained to balance on one paw.

Andrew barnard 52fda1bd1d11b15357c6cd8d9dd43bfe41d13b84b761af397bdee7b3370a12d7

Andrew Barnard

Co-Founder of Bitstop

Andrew is an entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses. He was born and raised in Miami, FL. Currently, he is a Co-Founder at Bitstop which provides Bitcoin related services for both consumers and businesses in South Florida. He has a fourth degree blackbelt in cryptocurrency mining and working with developers to create useful applications using Bitcoin's blockchain technology.

Aaron lasher 42f1ef2f0ce7ce185c6529ecf5b42484d8255c362c6f3db339bdc177af7c8c81

Aaron Lasher

Co-Founder of Breadwallet

Since 2011, Aaron has been preoccupied with Bitcoin. With an initial start of speculating and trading, he now focuses on investing in and working with promising startups in the digital currency space. A mathematician by trade, he finds beauty in the root (no pun intended) of Bitcoin: number theory, in which philosophy and the natural world intersect. He currently serves as CMO of breadwallet, the most secure and well-loved bitcoin wallet available.

Anthony fernandez f9bd08a84ce2bf39c7c52ff9047ca82a2f0fa38d3486cc669794e7858582defb

Anthony Fernandez

Business Development Manager, Latin America and Caribbean PayPal

Anthony worked at Standard & Poor's in New York City before taking over PayPal's Business Development team for Latin American and Caribbean markets in 2013. H1 2015 Total Payment volume grew 90% year over year versus H1 2014 at PayPal after implementing his business development strategy for large enterprise merchants in those markets. He graduated from Emory University's Goizueta Business School, and has been involved in the local startup community.


Judging will be based on the following criteria with equal weight assigned to each:


Another bitcoin wallet may not add much wow factor for your team unless it has very unique features. How could bitcoin enhance pain points in gaming or paywalls? How will your app create brand new interesting original use cases?


Does the application make bitcoin more user friendly and approachable? Can the application make bitcoin go viral or much easier to use?


The devil is in the details. Does the application work well? Does it provide a good experience to the user? How does UX feel or the GUI look?


Friday @ Wynwood Warehouse Project

450 NW 27th St. Miami, FL 33127

Jan 22nd
  • Networking with Meet & Greet

Saturday @ LAB Miami

400 NW 26th Street

Jan 23rd
  • Arrive (Participant Registration)
  • Breakfast
  • Begin Hacking
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Sunday @ LAB Miami

400 NW 26th Street

Jan 24th
  • Breakfast
  • Hacking Ends
  • Presentations
  • Judging & Awards


Bitcoin provides a great opportunity for developers. Like the Internet, the Bitcoin network is an open protocol that allows any developer to build whatever comes to imagination. Brilliant minds and talented developers all over the world are using Bitcoin to build great software. VC funding in Bitcoin is measured to set a record year in 2015 with over 400 Million Dollars invested into Bitcoin startups. Bitcoin startups are in a hiring frenzy because they understand that Blockchain centered protocols such as Bitcoin will be in high demand. Check out some examples below:

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DAY 1 & 2 & 3

Food Included
Access to all areas




DAY 1 & 3

Kick Off Bash
Presentation Observer

Can I bring a team?

Yes, though we have a limit of 5 members per team. You can bring your friends or you can team up with other hackers on site. No matter what you choose, be ready to hack!

Do you own my hack?

No, all code is yours. This hackathon is for you to have some fun, meet great people, do some good -- and have a chance to win $10k.

Should I bring my pajamas?

Expect to stay overnight, so bring whatever you need to get you through a 24 hour hack fest. We'll provide some sleep spaces for those who need to crash or when the energy drink starts to ebb. Remember you are in a public forum, so do cover up.

What kind of code can I write?

All breeds of code welcome.


  1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.

  2. Eligible participants may participate individually or as a team up to a limit of 5 people per team. A team can be just one person or up to five people.

  3. Participants must register on www.MiamiBitcoinHackathon.com before January 22, 2016 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

  4. Submitted project must incorporate Bitcoin.

  5. Each Participant is eligible to receive only one prize from Blockchain Beach, whether individually or as a group.

  6. Winners must accept prizes in the form of bitcoin. Conversion rates will be Coinbase spot sell price at the time of transfer.

  7. All submitted code must be created between the Twenty-eight (28) hour time period start and stop time. Any participant or team who uses code, which has been created before the hackathon start time will automatically be disqualified.

  8. The team’s project must be hosted on Github in a public repo. Your team page must be updated with the repo’s url.

  9. Participants can only contribute code toward their respective team and cannot share code, ideas or contribute code towards other teams.

  10. By submitting your code, you agree to the terms and conditions.

  11. Blockchain Beach registered agents, directors and officers at the time of this event cannot participate in this hackathon.


Main Hackathon Event

LAB Miami
400 NW 26th Street
Miami, FL 33127
United States